PKE Meter Holster
by Harry Bardwell
Need a quick and easy way to holster your PKE Meter? Check out this equally quick and easy tutorial!

Casual Ghostbusters Uniform
by Judhudson
Want to enjoy being in costume without the massive expense and without the hot jumpsuit? We've got just the thing for you!

Alice Pack Strap Accessories
by Judhudson
So you like how the flashlight and MT500 are mounted on the straps of the Alice pack? Gotcha, I prefer that look myself. To do it yourself is pretty simple, not a lot of work is required. The details are inside!

Homemade Elbow Pads
by JediCharlie
Need a pair of elbow pads on the cheap? Got some marginal sewing talent? Read on for instructions from our master seamstress, who worked for weeks creating this tutorial while crafting.