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Note: Only Officers (i.e. Staff) and Honorary Members are pictured. In reality, our group is comprised of all levels of fans. Read our F.A.Q for more information.

Brock Parker is a pure child of the '80s (ignore the fact he was born in the mid-'70s) and is the brains and driving force behind our operation. He has been obsessed with "Ghostbusters" since seeing it in the theater in 1984, and he has finally made the dream a reality by donning the khaki. He tried other colors, but people just threw things at him. He lives in Auburn with his beautiful wife and two children, both of which are being raised on old episodes of "The Real Ghostbusters."
The 80's gave us many great things. MTV, the PC, Chia Pets, Slap Braclets, Nintendo, and of course GHOSTBUSTERS ! But the greatest gift of the decade was Bo Bearden. Bo was raised in the utopia of McCalla, Alabama with guidance from his parents to be coolest dork in the tri-county area.
Kevin Gardner started out his career in the Star Wars realm before realizing his true calling was not a specific genre - but several. Born in 1980, his first exposure was to 'Empire Strikes Back', but unlike that epic movie, he actually remembers Ghostbusters and both are remembered fondly. He lives with his lovely wife in Jemison, AL
Lisa Gardner got into the costuming scene at exactly the same time that she met her husband, Kevin Gardner. Seen as a fun diversion and focus, her fandom has grown to encompass Pirates, Ghostbusters and all manner of other genres. She lives with her husband in Jemison, AL.
Born in 1993, David 'Rookie' Railey is currently the youngest member of the Alabama Ghostbusters team. A geek culture enthusiast and geek himself, David saw Ghostbusters at a young age and, as would be expected, instantly loved it. It wasn't until he was sixteen, and more precisely the Halloween of 2009, that he decided to join Alabama's own paranormal investigators and exterminators. Though he was is the youngest, he prefers most pop culture from the 80's and 90's as opposed today's “general garbage”, as he would say. He loves Ghostbusters I and II, DC Comics and 80's/90's cartoons.
Dr. Kyle Stevens was born in the early 1980's. He first saw Ghostbusters when he was very young and became an instant fans of both movies and later the TV series. He then worked his way up through the medical field,and then settled out to California where his career was tarnished by the being known as the Ravisher. He first joined up with the Ghostbusters West Coast and he learned all that he could manage from them. A tragic event involing a cult of vampires caused him to have a grim outlook on life. He grew his hair and beard out giving him this wildman look. He moved back to Alabama where he discovered the Alabama Ghostbusters and later on joined them afterward. He now works for them as their medical staff and engineer. He is skilled at hand to hand combat, to which his trains his unit, the Blue Crew, into combating non-paranormal beings such as vampires, werewolves (if need be), and the like. He also likes to show off his gadgets, most notably the Rail Blaster.
Michael Whitten is a simple man... a man who had the vision to see a Ghostbusters franchise in Birmingham. He now proudly observes as his dream has been made a reality beyond anything he ever could have imagined. Although now living outside of Charlotte, NC., he is still involved in the group to the extent he can manage.
Dan Aykroyd was inducted as an Honorary Member of our group during his May 13, 2010, visit to Redstone Arsenal to promote sales of his vodka brand, Crystal Head Vodka.
Todd has been in the propping and costuming fields for more than seven years. It started out as just an obsession with the Proton Pack, and it quickly spread into creating and selling iconic items from all of his favorite films and media series. He has dabbled in many different building methods for the loads of "big boy toys" spread all throughout his house, and he doesn't have any plans on stopping or slowing down until either he no longer enjoys doing it, or until his head explodes. There are, however, no expectations for either of those stipulations to follow through.
Cameron, aka ECTO-DMC, is a superfan of many genres Namely Star Trek and Ghostbuster's. As a resident owner of a classic Delorean, He became well known for his prop skills, dedication to the genre, and well... THE car! Seen frequently alongside his beautiful wife and daughter at events, Cameron is a big part of North Alabama operations.
Cameron Is a medically Retired US Air Force A-10 Crew Chief who Mainly devotes his time to Family, Friends, and charity work.
[ Profile Redacted for Legal Reasons. ]
Phillip Fitzsimmons was inducted as an Honorary Member of our group on November 6, 2010 for his work on the stained glass piece, Bustin Makes Me Feel Good, for the group.
Ernie Hudson accepted his honorary membership to the Alabama Ghostbusters on December 4th, 2010 at the Atlanta Comic-Con. He also graciously recorded several introductions for our group, which can be viewed on our Youtube channel.
Joey Esco has only been in the prop and replica community for the last 12 years and part of the Alabama boys for about a year. Iin his off time, when he is not in his workshop armed with a drill or a sander, he enjoys spending time with his friends and family. Much like your ‘run of the mill’ uber geek he enjoys all things geek culture. Armed with a proton pack and a sonic screwdriver, Joey is ready to take on any challenge thrown his way. When he is not busting those nasty class 5's or coated with bondo or paint, you’ll catch him spending his time helping others in any way he can. Or, he may just be off in his own little world contemplating his next attempt at world conquest....I mean playing Xbox...yeah, Xbox.
Roberto is an ARMY VETERAN since the Gulf War Era (both ACTIVE DUTY and NATIONAL GUARD), recently medically discharged 4 years ago.

Currently engaged in a part-time GHOSTBUSTERS (and other characters’) costume prop making, and doing things no one has ever done before, or improving other's concepts and ideas. He owns a ROBOCOP suit, hence the nickname of “ROBERTOCOP”, due to likeness to the character when he have the suit on.

Everett Knestel, father of Lisa Kneshtel Gardner and husband to Beverly Kneshtel, served the Alabama Ghostbusters by tirelessly breathing reliable life back into our group ECTO, Jessica. His efforts on our behalf are forever honored.

Adam attributes Ghostbusters as the movie that got him interested in filmmaking. He made his first film, "Ghostbusters III," when he was only 5. While not official, this sequel is actually a reboot, as it's basically just parts of the first film recast, starring Adam and his two brothers. Now, as a professor of media production at the University of Alabama and an award-winning filmmaker, Adam still expresses his love for Ghostbusters by donning the khaki with his fellow ALGB buddies as well as directing and co-writing the ALGB web series. Roll Tide.
Maurice LaMarche accepted his honorary membership on August 30, 2013. Maurice is well-known for providing the voice of Dr. Egon Spengler on "The Real Ghostbusters" and "Extreme Ghostbusters" cartoon series.
Sean Spence is an actor, as well as Robin Shelby's husband. Tim Stacks and Steve Charleson are the COO and CEO of Alabama Phoenix Festival. All three men accepted their honorary memberships May 23, 2013.
Stan Daniel is the owner of Kingdom Comics in Birmingham, as well as part of the Alabama Phoenix Festival administrative staff. Stan accepted his honorary membership on May 24, 2013.
Robin Shelby accepted her honorary membership on May 26, 2012. Robin worked on the visual effects team that brought "Ghostbusters 2" to life. In fact, she was the actress in the costume portraying 'Slimer' in GB2! Robin Shelby can also be seen in such films as "Beverly Hills Cop III," "Willow" and "3 Wise Women," as well as the upcoming independent film "Democracy at Work." On TV you may have seen her in shows such as "Cybill" and "The Home Court." She is also the creator, producer and star of the exciting new comedy web series "Far from the Tree."
Ronnie Taylor was born in 1983. He came to love Ghostbusters at an early age, starting with “The Real Ghostbusters” cartoon and the 1989 movie sequel, “Ghostbusters 2.” Later, he came to love the original movie as well as the late ‘90s alternative cartoon series, “Extreme Ghostbusters.”

He has always loved the idea of paranormal investigation and elimination and studies parapsychology on his own today. Currently, Ronnie heads the newly reformed Northern Division. In his spare time he likes to collect GB merchandise, listen to obscure musical groups, read books, Lord of the Rings, Animorphs, studying The Flatwoods Monster and The Mothman and playing music in his very own punk rock band. He is always “ready to believe you.”

Born in 1979 in the historic city of Macon, Georgia, Ronnie Marion, Jr. saw GHOSTBUSTERS twice in theatres as a child, once in 1984, and again in 1985's re-release. He has been involved in community service and charity groups since childhood. Formerly a BOY SCOUT, Explorer, AMERICORPS Cadet, and C-130 Crew Chief in the US AIR FORCE, Ronnie became an honorary Georgia Ghostbuster, and was instrumental in New York's Long Island Ghostbuster branch from 2009 to 2012, before moving back south, where he approached the Alabama GB's.

A long-time tinkerer, propmaker, pin-up artist, tattoo artist, clothing/costume fabricator, jack-of-all-trades, and general 'mad-scientist-meets-Colt 45-spokesman', Ronnie is now one of the engineers of the Northern Division, and enjoys lending a hand to anyone's pet project.

*Lee passes an irritated glare in your direction.*

All that is known of Lee definitively is that he has an intense, sometimes passionate, love for female Robin cosplayers.