No job is too big, and neither are your questions!

What is the AlabamaGB?

We are the local answer for the capture of pesky poltergeists, spooks and specters.

Yeah, I get that... who are you really?
We are a growing group of fans located in all over Alabama celebrating Ghostbuster fandom who work together to do fandom events, ranging from charity events to conventions, and meet socially within our group and with other groups. More than anything, we are here to share our love of Ghostbusters with our fellow fan - hopefully you!

So, what do I do to get in the group?
First, we hope you will register here with our site. You can also follow the group on Twitter and Facebook, if you like. If you want to show your fandom with us at events, go out and get what you can afford, be it a Ghostbuster t-shirt or a homemade poster flier, or a $1000 custom made costume/prop setup that took you two years to do - and celebrate as a fan. You'll always be welcome at our events so long as you are decent and you don't cause trouble.

However, joining the site does not officially make you a member of the group. It makes you a candidate for membership, or as we call it, becoming a "full member."

How do I become a Full Member?
Interact with us on the site, come to events and talk to the senior officers. Once we get to know you, you will be considered for promotion to an active team member. Pretty simple, eh?

I am trying to get a feel for your group. Are you social or a costuming group?
The majority of our events are costuming-oriented, but costumes are never required to come to events - we are a fun fan club first, and while costuming is a very prominent wing of fandom, it would be unfair to fans who want to celebrate fandom in other ways (activities, fan fiction, etc.) with us to focus on it exclusively. You can costume to whatever extreme you want. You can even write fan fiction and organize activities under the Alabama No-Ghost with approval!

Extreme vs. Elitist costuming and our Group Policy
Extreme costuming, by our definition, consists of costumers who choose to go the extra mile and a half (sometimes two) to make their costumes the best they can be, often at great expense. Elitist costumers, in addition to being extreme, revel in feeling above and beyond others, and often make it known by criticizing and talking down the costumes of others, whether directly or indirectly. In other words, being 'Elitist' is an attitude choice. Examples of elitist behavior would be: talking down to fellow fans indirectly or directly because they don't have the 'grade' costume/prop you do, or that they didn't get the $50 gizmo from a prominent GBfans prop builder or something.. I could go on and on, but you probably get my drift.

Costumers/proppers who fit the 'extreme' definition have an important place in fandom and serve an important purpose: to set a perceived standard the up-in-coming buster can strive for in costuming, as well as setting an example as to what costumers who go 'the mile' for all the high-end costuming can aspire to - proud costuming demonstrating tolerance and understanding. This class of costumer/propper is certainly welcome in our group. Elitist costumers are also welcome in our group, so long as there is an understanding that we will not tolerate the repercussions of elitism here. You can be 'extreme' without being 'elitist' by practicing understand and tolerance for your fellow fan - we're all fans at one level of commitment or another. Costuming is only one small, albeit prominent, wing of any fandom. You do not have to spend $1000+ on a GB costume to achieve some mythical class of fandom.

In fewer words: Extreme costumers are welcome, but if you have been known to be Elitist (examples above), check that attitude at the door. If you cannot separate being Extreme from being Elitist, this is not your group.

We apologize if this FAQ entry in particular alarms anyone, especially the more extreme costuming crowd out there, but it is important that you, as a fan and member/potential member, are made aware of our policy. We aggressively maintain our group to meet this policy.

Do you have costuming standards?
As a fan group first and foremost, we do not have plans to enforce any costume standards beyond basic costume decency. Just make sure your venture is decent and recognizable and in good taste. We're Ghostbusters, not children

Does your group have a Charter?
We sure do! Check it out here.

How is your group organized?
Best to check out the Club Charter. However, since you asked, our officer pool is organized like a firehouse. We have a Chief, Deputy Chief, Captain, Lieutenant, etc. All perform specific duties... or else they get locked in the closet with Slimer.

How where do I learn about events and activities I can participate in?
All officially-planned events will be posted to the News and Upcoming Events forum with all details. If you desire, you can use the topic to ask questions or pledge your participation.

Note: This FAQ is subject to change without notice and guidelines here may not reflect current company policies.